CYLINDER LINERS – Centrifugal castings

From hole inner diameter 100 mm
Up to maximal outside diameter 1000 mm

From 100 mm inner hole diameter 100 mm
Up to a maximum outer diameter of 1000 mm

Grey or alloy cast iron

Use of the products:
Diesel engines in ships, locomotives, large trucks, diesel-electric generators, pumps, compressors, gas engines, etc.

Machining methods:
Rough machining
CNC machining – ready for honing
Complete machining, including honing

Benefits of the centrifugal casting against gravity casting:
Higher purity and homogenity.
Finer grain structure.
Consistently stable high quality metallurgical and dimensional parameters.

Quality guarantee:
The entire melting process is controlled and monitored.
All chemical and mechanical parameters including dimensions and tolerances are controlled during production.
Testing of resistance to pressure is carried out according to the agreement by accredited testing laboratory.