About us

About us

MONTAN Plzeň s.r.o. is supplier of castings, forgings, gear parts and machined parts with tradition since 1991. Products are delivered according to customer’s requirements and drawings. The emphasis is on production of parts with regard to quality, delivery time and price.

We offer to our customers:

  • Selection of optimal producer mainly from the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, China but also from other countries for the given type of product, from the standpoint of quality, price and delivery time
  • Monitoring of the production process directly by the producer, inter-operational checks, inspections, technical consultations and providing of all the production logistics
  • Permanent contact with the customer, regular written information about the current state of the order
  • Transport of the product to the customer including eventual customs clearance
  • Reliability, trust and flexibility
  • Long term cooperation

The goal of the company MONTAN Plzeň s.r.o. is permanently keep such a level of services provided
that fully satisfies the needs of its customers for quality, price and delivery dates. To achieve all these requirements, the Company’s management uses the knowledge and experience of its employees and co-workers.

Our history:

Tradition of MONTAN Plzeň s.r.o. begins in 1991, when the company on the basis of know-how and years of experience of its founder and staff, excellent market knowledge and production possibilities in the Czech Republic in the branch of forgings and castings mainly focused on export. From the beginning, the company focuses mainly on supplies of large and heavy castings and forgings for production facilities in cement works and rolling mill plants, step by step growing other industries such as shipbuilding, building industry, agriculture, automotive and food industries.
Currently MONTAN Plzeň s.r.o. deliver forgings, castings and gear parts in small and large sizes to its customers to a wide range of industries.